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Oceamar is an Offshore Agency that focuses on meeting the needs related to the maritime and oil industry offering a comprehensive and specialized service. Oceamar operates in all the ports of the Gulf of Mexico with highly qualified personnel to guarantee quality and safety in each of the services that we offer.

About Us

We are an agency dedicated to the attention of offshore vessels and platforms.


We are a company committed to providing Consignment Agency through maritime, port and integral logistics services, in seek of providing quality care and excellence, for the development of our customers, collaborators, suppliers and community.


To be a Mexican Shipping Agency with the highest reliability, prestige and projection, both nationally and internationally, with a sustainable operation in ports, logistics and maritime services.



We promote high standards of ethical behavior that go beyond any code or regulation. From this principle the loyalty and cooperation values emerge towards all shareholders and social and environmental awareness


To carry out and fulfill our tasks, never give up and see the challenges as opportunities and overcome them.


To meet customer’s needs in a timely and agreed manner, respecting all legal requirements and applicable to our operation.


We impose challenging goals that require great attention to detail, both in the most complex projects as in the daily work. Professionalism and responsibility are implicit in this principle.


Always think of new ideas to improve, even if the conditions seem satisfactory. Be open to continuous improvement.


Within our comprehensive offer are the following services:



  • Shipping Agency
  • Consignee Agency
  • Protective Agency



  • Customs
  • Immigration
  • Navigation Permits
  • Legal Advice



  • Roadfreight, airfreight and seafreight transportation of materials, personnel and equipment

and Export

Import and Export

  • Vessels and naval artifacts
  • Miscellaneous materials
  • Specialized equipment



  • Crew change
  • Personnel outsourcing
  • Personnel land transportation
  • Personnel air transportation
  • Personnel maritime transportation



  • Wharfage
  • Storage
  • Logistic maneuvers
  • Tank cleaning

Port Services

Port Services

  • Hazardous Waste and Garbage Collection
  • Gray water collection, sewage, diesel supply, water and Lubricants
  • Catering
  • Safety equipment

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

  • Cranes
  • Lowboy
  • Forklifts
  • Hiabs
  • Containers and CCU´s

We operate in the main ports of the Gulf of Mexico:





Dos Bocas





Our customers

Consignee ship agency for Punta Delgada and Bourbon Liberty (2014-2017).
Agency for decomissioning and ocean departure of well stimulator vessels HOS Hawke and HOS Sailor (2014-2017).
Arrivals and departures in coastal and ocean navigations of Stim Star vessel for well completion (2014-2017).
Agency services and dismantling of platforms 807 and 801 in Seybaplaya (2015-2017).
Ship Agency and logistical portuary services (Docking and warehousing) as well as port and custom brokerage before the authorities for PSV, OSV and others naval artifacts (2015-2017).
Navegation Permits for foreign vessels such as Ocean Intervention, Clearance and Port Expenses for Coastal and Ocean navigation, Customs formalities, Immigration proceedings for foreign crew, Materials logistics, Lifting devices, Provision of personnel onboard (2017-2018).
Clearance and customs formalities for vessels and equipment (crane). Project duration 30-45 days to rig up the TAMAULIPAS platform (2017).
Ship agency, logistical services, warehousing and maritime complementary maritime (2016-2017).
Shipping and consignee agency for vessels in a geophysical studies project (2016-2017).
Ship agency, logistical services, warehousing and maritime complementary maritime for Cantarell I and Cantarell II (2016).
Shipping agency and logistics of all vessels involved in Brownsville, Tuxpan and Tampico sharing traffic operations with those from TRION field between end-users PEMEX/BHP BILLITON (2017).
Shorebase for A-FRAME and ROV mobilization for Pelagic Research whose end user was BHP BILLITON. Services include port expenses, work permits, specialized work permits toward the captaincy, lifting equipment for materials as well as warehousing containers (2016).
Supply of diesel, water and consumables in Seybaplaya for the PICO IV platform (2016-2017).
Shorebase management for FSV Lady Ione during Allseas Project, providing all services such as warehousing, hauling, lifting, mud transfering, crew changing, vessel tank cleaning as well as garbage collection (2017).


At Oceamar, we are interested in facilitating the operations of our customers, therefore we are available 24/7.

We operate in all ports of the Gulf of Mexico with highly qualified personnel to guarantee the quality and safety in each of the services we offer.

Ciudad del Carmen

Calle 55 #102 Col. Marina del Rey C.P. 24115 Cd. Del Carmen, Campeche, México
Tel: (+52) (938) 384 1951
Cel: (52) 1 (938) 152 9897

Puertos Dos Bocas

Av. Madrid Mza. 17 Lt 14 Fracc. Residencial Paraíso.
CP: 86600 Paraíso, Tabasco, México


Calle Esmeralda #613, Fracc. Chairel
C.P. 89219. Tampico, Tamaulipas.
Tel: +52 (833) 132 46 94
Cel: +52 1 (833) 265 2091


Progreso Calle 84 N° 121 Col. Centro Progreso, Yucatán, México
Tel: (+52) 1 (999) 193 9985